Reentry Success Being Realized

This Project was designed to follow the well conceived preparations for Virginia’s Department of Corrections’ returning veterans and citizens. Much effort and many tax payers dollars have been placed into reentry preparation to equip each returning citizen with the skills for coping and living in the many communities they return to. The Veterans Reentry Service Program (VRS) identifies the next steps that are necessary to make this return successful and reduce the rate of failure, thus avoiding the return to prison. Our cutting edge approach, designed for success, showcases elements that build on the progress made by Virginia’s Reentry Initiative (VARI). Thus, this new approach has been launched to eliminate recidivism. These programs are already showing:

  • A lowered recidivism rate of 22.8 percent, 2nd lowest in the U.S.;
  • Participant’s reentry training ( i.e. “Thinking for A Change”, “Career Readiness”, “employment; interviewing”,) is an evidenced –based practice adopted by Virginia and being sought by other states;
  • Waiting lists of parolees who need home placements are being positively affected;
  • Contributions to community well-being, citizenry and the tax base.
  • A centralized office location is best positioned to serve the larger Maryland and Virginia populations of returning citizens’ and meet the needs for proximity to family and transportation;
  • Returning citizens with immediate employment become self-sufficient upon start of probation and parole.