Frequently Asked Questions

Where does funding come from?

Funding will come from a variety of sources to include tax-free donations, grants, loans, gifts, sale of for-profit realty projects, participant’s rents etc.

Will there be community reentry training for participants?

No. That training has already been provided to the participants by the Department of Corrections Adult Reentry Initiatives. They are already prepared to reenter the community.

Will all returning veterans be accepted?

No. Veterans will be the first accepted participants. However they must meet TSE’s program acceptance criteria to enhance chances of success.

Can veterans from other states participant?

In the initial phase of acceptance, veterans from adjoining states will be reviewed for acceptance if their home plans reflect that their crimes were committed in states adjoining Virginia.

Why are Veterans the first group?

Veterans, as a group, have been identified as the most likely group to benefit from prior military experiences, training and respect for structure needed in the working environment. As the program expands, other non-vets will be accepted based on program space availability, criteria and skills potential.

Will women veterans be accepted?

Yes. However, program expansion, in the second phase will be designed to accommodate female veterans.

Will returning veterans from areas other than Virginia be accepted?

Veterans from other states may be considered if they meet program criteria.