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Our Vision

For veterans and citizens returning from incarceration, we see Transition Solutions Enterprises, Inc.’s employment and housing platform as being essential to empower our clients. These are essential to maintaining low recidivism rates, safety and successful reintegration back into societies, local and nationwide.


Transition Solutions Enterprises, Inc. seeks to minimize the stigma and obstacles that face veterans and citizens returning from incarceration and conflict. With this approach, we seek to provide job and housing histories/resumes as we reconnect these citizens and their families with safer communities and lowered recidivism rates.

Executive Officers

The vision for Transition Solutions Enterprises and The Veterans Reentry Service Program (VRS) has been largely driven by nearly 75 years of combined experience and involvement in criminal justice by its founders and the current national focus and efforts of the federal government and Virginia's Governor and Corrections' re-entry efforts.

Eric Paul

President and founder, works directly with our executive team to provide new market initiatives, outreach, research and assessment of operations, and analyzes new business and community opportunities. Mr. Paul is a Navy veteran and has over 25 years of law enforcement, community policing, and public outreach expertise. His career includes serving as a Correctional Officer and attendance at Virginia State University, Southern Maryland College and certifications at Northern Virginia Criminal Justice Academy. He has been instrumental in developing the concept that focuses on the needs of returning veterans.

Dr. Daphne L. King

Dr. Daphne King

Director of Operations, provides cohesiveness to the company, organization, and project. She works to ensure that the company achieves the objectives of TSE Inc. With over 20 years of social work experience, she has helped to, spearhead foundations and set treatment modalities for incarcerated men. Dr. King holds BA, MSW, and EdD Degrees from Michigan State University, Grand Valley State University, and Argosy University. Dr. King has over twenty years experience in the field of social work and has assisted homeless organizations of formerly incarcerated men.

Professional Staff

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