Transition Solutions Enterprises Acquires 26+ Acre Facility and Farm Land!

This new innovative approach was formed from the foresight and vision of Transition Solutions Enterprises' founders who understand that the societal and economic impact is enormous.

TRANSITION SOLUTIONS dedicates its efforts to find solutions to those problems veterans, returning citizens, taxpayers and communities encounter.

TSE's VETERANS REENTRY SERVICE PROGRAM (VRS) platform has been created to provide jobs, housing and skills level development for those returning from incarceration. These initial jobs and housing are a springboard and will lead to further skilled apprenticeship and certifiable training in the program. This approach is an evidenced-based practice believed necessary in reducing the rate of failure and citizens returning to prison. The VRS Program was designed to build upon the well conceived preparations for Virginia's Department of Corrections' returning citizens. Much effort has been placed into reentry preparation by Virginia's Reentry Initiative to equip each returning citizen who searches for employment and housing. Our project will build on that initiative and enhance the probability of success.